I need expert advice on my customer experience

Our aim: Provide you with concrete recommendations based on a full analysis of your customer experience.

User experience audits are a large part of what we do. They generally come into play during the initial stages of transformation or when performance indicators are no longer up to scratch.

We will be able to point out the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service, and suggest quick, concrete solutions, but also more strategic recommendations for the mid to long-term.

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Expert advice based on your knowledge of users

Solid argument to persuade your teams and managers

Written and visual recommendations, that can be applied immediately

A prioritised action plan (“Quick fix” vs. mid-term strategy)

Quand le faire

If you need to get expert advice and show it to your managers to get access to budget

If you cannot decide internally on the market to go into

If you’d like to challenge internal teams

If you’d like to improve the user experience but don’t know where to start

How we will work together

Phase 1: Defining support

Firstly, we’ll help you define the scope of support that you will need. What are the objectives of your audit? Is it about a digital product or more of a multi-channel experience? What is the context and who are your users? What are the main user processes and touchpoints within your brand?

Phase 2: Audit phase and creating a report with recommendations

We offer different audit services, based on your situation. Digital product audits involve evaluating the user experience through a digital device. A multi-channel audit will consider the multiple interactions between the user and the different points of contact for the brand, through the customer journey map.

Phase 3: Presenting the findings

We will present you the report, with prioritised recommandations on the short and long term.


  • For digital product audit: Report with screen captures, videos and recommendations ranked in terms of importance. The proposed solutions will be presented through mock-ups during the report briefing to your team.
  • For a multi-channel audit: Report with photos, videos, audio transcripts and a customer journey map that will allow you to conceptualise the issues. This will be delivered in the format of a presentation so that you can easily share the results internally.
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