I need long-term support to digitally-transform my organisation

Our aimSupport you through the transformation. 

Digital transformation has become unavoidable in every industry and this is one of the biggest changes within businesses – resources, processes, products and consumers. Methods exist to help you face these challenges and we’ll provide you with long-term support to progressively put this into place. 


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An organisation that is adapted to its market and is more profitable

A reinforced and more authentic internal culture

Brand image reinforced and more attractive to the stakeholders within your organisation (candidates, customers, suppliers)

Inspiring and dynamic work environment that will produce the desired results

Quand le faire

When you have new internal processes due to new technology or the creation of new departments

When you develop products that will have an impact on your current structure

When you move offices or production premises

When you buy a similar business that is of a similar size to your current business

How we will work together

Phase 1: Discovery and immersion phase

To start, we’ll need to understand how your organisation works and need to get in touch with your employees. This immersion phase will allow us to manage expectations and help us anticipate any future push back.

Phase 2: Planning the change and alignment strategy

With your senior leadership team, we’ll put a change strategy in place. This will take your objectives and that of your colleagues into account. A team will be put in charge of this project and project sponsors will be appointed across different departments. These actions aim to combat any risk or resistance to the envisioned change.

Phase 3: Implementing the strategy at the heart of your organisation

Once the strategy has been put in place, we’ll segment it across the different colleagues you have across your organisation.

Working with your Senior Leaders:
We’ll align your leadership to the change story to communicate to the rest of your business, as well as the processes and tactics to adopt to manage expectations of the change.

Working with your Managers:
We’ll teach your managers on new management and organisational techniques, as well as ways of working, so that they can be operational themselves and can teach their own teams.

Working with your technical and operational colleagues:
We’ll live out the challenges within organisation with them and will suggest agile ways to challenge assumptions about work so that you see when some pass the test and others aren’t as successful. Attempts that are successful are then communicated to other teams so that they too can benefit from the learnings.


  • Diagnosing the digital/or cultural maturity of your business
  • Change vision
  • Roadmap with clear actions
  • Workshops and presence within your business
  • Internal communications plan
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