UX evaluation

Evaluating user experience means measuring the user’s ability to learn and use a product to reach its goal. This stage is key to creating products and services that best match user expectations

UX Audit

This stage involves judging whether the elements of the interactive system are effective, error-free, satisfactory and can be easily understood by users. Users do not directly participate in this stage. The UX expert carries out the audit based on design principles and user processes from the personas.

Example scenarios:

  • High dropout rate from the key functionalities (signing up, purchasing process…)
  • Lower performance indicators
  • Negative customer feedback through support functions
    New services that have had several optimizations


It’s quick, we’ll find errors quicker than your colleagues  

It’s economical, it’s priced at our entry level price
It’s effective, problems are ranked in terms of importance, giving you actions to follow-up on after
Mise en place d’un plan opérationnel pour y arriver


Audit report of perceivable issues, classified by degree of importance/priority with key insights and optimisation notes

User testing

User testing is a method which allows you to evaluate an existing product or prototype by getting target users to test it out. Target users are recruited based on their personal profile, which will have been pre-defined in the “screening” questionnaire.  

In the presence of a moderator, the user will complete tasks which relate to their usage- finding information, creating an account, following a process. We watch their behaviour, take note of their reactions and save their journey on the interface, so that we can identify the positive and negative aspects of their experience.  


It’s quick, 1h interview will give you learnings
It’s economical, 5 users will help you identify 80% of the problems
It’s effective, allowing you to resolve business-related problems


Test report with all observed problems classified by degree of importance/priority with key insights and optimisation notes

A/B Testing

The A/B testing is a quick method allowing you to compare 2 versions of a screen with a large number of people. The version which obtains the best test results will be kept. This is an effective way to optimise the rate of conversion on your landing page, at a low cost.


Simple implementation 
Qualitative feedback
Strong return on investment


Test report with business actions and results

Evaluating the web accessibility

Interactive systems usability goes hand in hand with web content accessibility. According to the UN Convention on the rights of disabled people in 2006, access to “information and communication technology, including the internet” is a universal right. We firmly believe that digital product managers should guarantee a minimum level of accessibility to their products. To achieve this, we can help you evaluate how your website compares to the prevailing international standards and provide you with recommendations on how to make it more accessible.


Large audience
Certified digital product
Ethical value


PPT audit report

Mystery customer

“Mystery customer” testing includes trying services or brands by acting as a customer in real life. Not only does it get rid of any possible bias, personnel are guaranteed to act spontaneously and the data recorded is authentic.

Example scenarios:

  • Buying an item from a shop
  • Requesting a refund from a call centre
  • Asking for information from a public administration desk
  • Testing your client acquisition process


Evaluates human interactions
Takes the real-life context into account


Study report including a variety of content (Audio, Video, Photos)

We can also accompany you on other phases of your project

Audit UX
Tests utilisateurs
A/B testing
Évaluation de l’accessibilité web
Client mystère