Customer journey map


The design team of Swissquote, the largest online bank in Switzerland, contacted us to improve the consistency of its online offer on one of its key products.

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The brief

With more than 5 different teams dispatched between Gland and Zurich we had to improve a registration process that had over the years been retouched by different teams, with contradictory objectives.


100% of the participants felt it was a useful use of their time

67% believe that through our work the quality of internal collaboration will improve.

In addition, our work was shared with the 600 employees in annual meeting before being replicated internally as a key step in their digital transformation.

Our process

  • At first, we defined with the project sponsor the scope of the workshop, the methodology to be implemented, the indicators of success and the inclusion of the various departments to ensure maximum impact following the workshop.
  • Then we prepared the logistics of the workshop by testing the “journey” and structuring the process in order to print it in A0 for a better comfort for the participants during the workshop. For a total of more than 20 meters in length!
  • This allowed us to launch the workshop based on identifying issues and inconsistencies throughout the entire customer experience process. The team quickly seduced by the format progressed quickly and at the end of the half-day we managed to cover the entire course, as well as to stimulate lateral collaboration between members of different departments.
  • After that, we put the results in order and organized the second part of the workshop based on the solutions proposed by the team to solve each problem. Once all the problems were noted, we organized and prioritized the issues in order of importance and impact, on a short-term to long-term scale, in order to provide a clear direction for the teams for the future.

Since 2005, more than 320 UX projects done.