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UX-PM Certification

User experience for Project Managers

Created by the UXalliance, a global network of UX and service design experts, the UX-PM (“UX for Project Managers”) training aims to train, in 2 days, all stakeholders confronted with the project management challenges and design services with multiple user contact points.

The program

Questions you may be asking yourself

Who is it for ?

Project managers, product managers, account managers, or any professional working in digital marketing, and who must supervise or manage a value-added service design project by integrating the challenges of user experience.

What will I learn ?

By the end of the training, you will be able to promote the UX approach around you, understand the methods and tools and facilitate their integration into the life cycle of your projects, but also control costs for your organisation.

What are the benefits?

Better performance in managing your projects
Being a step ahead of your competitors thanks to services and products designed for your users
A good knowledge of how to invest in UX and tools to measure the impact
Obtaining an official UX-PM certificate, issued by the UXalliance network

How does it work?

3 training levels of two days each
Project managers gain the know-how to initiate, execute and lead UX projects and programs
A UX designer trainer and project manager
A good balance between theoretical contribution, case studies and practical exercises